170504_PS_NE_Alana S_== her story_gk  (6-12-17)  (v.3)

Life After a Brain Aneurysm

Writer/Producer:  Greg King


 VIDEO                                                                  AUDIO

Visual:  Alana cooking/using various one handed implements...


(Alana cooking/rummaging around in the kitchen)  


B-roll:  Alana cooking/various implements

**** NEW Can Opener shot ****


32:33  “So usually I’m in charge of dinner.  At least five nights a week…


32:40  “it’s very basic stuff that I cook. But if I have to open a can of something, there’s a one-handed can opener that I can do.


33:05  “Like there’s bowls that they don’t shake or they don’t move so that I can stir stuff with…”  


B-roll: Continue video of Alana in the kitchen


Alana S...learning a new way of life after suffering a brain aneurysm at age 25:      


B-roll:  Alana working out at YMCA  


(Music builds with intensity/maybe heart-beat??)  


(Visual:  “murky” “gauzy” slo mo look to the video)

B-roll: (No faces)  CU shots of bacon frying


B-roll: CU cell phone


B-roll:  Thru the windshield shots of highway driving

B-roll: Generic Busy Hospital scenes  

B-roll: Stills of Alana in her hospital bed

B-roll: Alana sitting on couch at home


09:20  “I was on the fly machine when something came over me.”




09:26   “I couldn’t lift my left hand.”




09:32  “I didn’t know what was going on.”





45:00  “And we were having breakfast with my mother in law and my phone rang…”


45:30  “And she said, I’m the nurse…”  


45:42  “We need you to get to the hospital…”


46:35  “We’re five hours away, it’s going to take me some time.  And the nurse said, you need to get here…


**** KEEP for now *****  


48:11  “And my biggest fear was that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her and tell her I love her...”



(pause/heart monitor beeping)  


10:20  “I was in a coma for two weeks, my head was shaved, and I had brain surgery.”




18:00  “I had to relearn everything.  How to read a book, how to spell.   


B-roll: Alana and parents walking out front door to the car/getting in the car

B-roll: Dad driving


B-roll: Alana with headphones


A key to Alana’s recovery is exercise.

Her Dad drives Alana to a local gym where she goes through a regular routine with her headphones cranked up loud:


B-roll:  Alana working out


29:18  “Just blasting music and putting me in a different spot….”  



B-roll:  Alana sitting on back porch


Since her aneurysm, Alana says the simple things in life are more meaningful:  


B-roll: Still shots of Alana and Husband


34:44  “Now, every day that I wake up is a good day. Every night that I get to kiss my husband is a good day….”  


B-roll: Mom and Dad around the kitchen table with Alana/laughing/talking


01:08:06  (Dad) “It brought us all even closer together.  We appreciate each other, we appreciate life.”  


01:05:33  (Mom)  “Some days I’m tired.  I travel a lot for work.  I think woe is me.  But then I look at Alana and say, you know what?  She can do it, so can I….” 


B-roll: Alana still shot with son?  


B-roll: Alana walking


22:47  “I have a stepson that’s seven….


“And I make sure to tell him everyday that I can still do anything….”  


“It just takes me a little bit longer, but I can still do anything that anyone else can.”


GFX:  For more information about brain aneurysms visit Mayoclinic.org